Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee/Refunds

We have carefully chosen the wholesalers for their outstanding quality, value for money and standards. Each wine has a comprehensive and accurate description of what you will find and can expect. If you are not satisfied with your purchase and believe the quality of the wine is not to the standard you expected or resembling the review, you will have four weeks to send us an email for a complete refund of the bottles returned excluding freight. The wine will need to be returned in the original box and the refund will proceed within 7 days of the wine arriving back at the warehouse.

Since we cannot guarantee your storage conditions, you will have one month to 
send us an email with any corked or oxidised wines. We will then advise whether it will need to be returned to the wholesaler for a quality control, before being offered a new bottle or credited the amount of the bottle.

You will be responsible for the return of the bottles and ultimately the condition in which they arrive back at the warehouse. If we find you have not taken the necessary care to ensure they are returned in the condition in which they were sent to you, and bottles are damaged or broken, these bottles will not be reimbursed. If care has been taken and there are some damaged bottles, we will accept responsibility. There is only one way to ensure that proper care has been taken: the bottles need to be returned in the original case/box.

Refund Limitations

If Shop For Wine believes a buyer is abusing or being untruthful about any of the Return Policy, we reserve the right to revoke this Return Policy for this buyer, and/or suspend all further orders and close the buyers account.