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Albino Rocca

Ours is a family of wine growers for more than a century, now Angelo Rocca, accompanied by Charles, his son, and along with their daughters Daniela, Monica, Paola continue the journey begun by his grandfather Albino in 1960 when he founded the company. always we try our wine maximum expressiveness without shortcuts and without pursuing winemaking passing fads. Della technology we use only what we need to achieve maximum purity of expression, that bond with the land that is the son of a great passion for our land and a experience of wine over a century. To do this we try to bring the wine where it is generated: the earth. Our vineyards that stretch for 23 acres in the most noble of Barbaresco (mostly in Barbaresco and, to a lesser extent, in Neive and in the small village of San Rocco Seno d'Elvio the town of Alba). These are the places where our quality comes, where respect for the environment comes from knowing that the grape, when grown in a healthy environment and in equilibrium with its surroundings, it's good as is the wine that you will get . The quality of a wine is pleasant, but it is also territorial recognition, to achieve this we try to intervene as little as possible in the cellar entrusting an intensive manual labor in the vineyard. We make wine is the best defense of the place where we live and work in making wine assure a future for this wonderful land, whose primordial echoes can still be felt in our wines.