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Algueira put a lot of into autonomous varieties, and base their production entirely on grapes from their own vineyards which are located on the banks of the River Sil, which benefit from the exceptional micro-climate conditions for the production of first grade quality grapes.
The first aim is to highlight quality over quantity, thereby creating a genuine wine which is sure to please the palates of wine lovers.
Red Mencía, Alvarello, Merenzao, and Caíño grapes, and whites from Godello, Loureiro, Alvariño and Treixadura are the musical chords we use to compose our masterpieces.     
The orientation of our vines, the microclimate, growing them on slopes looking towards the river, as well as the special care we take with our vineyards in search of low stock yield are the biggest secrets to our success.
People who work in our Carballocovo vineyard from day to day know how to gauge the strings of our vineyard instrument in such a way as to add chords to the work in the shape of the character we wish to be known for.

"Their wines and spectacular vineyards have been praised by The New York Times and Le Figaro, so are better known internationally than in Spain itself. The wines of Algueira are considered by many the finest and most elegant in Ribeira Sacra." 
The Finest Wines of Rioja and Northwest Spain, Barquin et al.