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Azienda Agricola Mario Schiopetto

The Azienda Agricola Mario Schiopetto is one of Collio's historical wineries. Located in the hills of Capriva del Friuli, Mario Schiopetto has been producing wines since 1965. Today, his children Maria Angela, Carlo and Giorgio carry on the family tradition, each of them playing the role more suitable to their talents, with the common aim of making high-­quality wines. The aim is to keep with Mario's tradition, always relevant and made of sensibility and respect, love for tradition and genuine passion. The Vineyard's wines express in the best possible way, the territory where they are produced, always keeping a very strong personality and reflecting the Company's own characteristics: refinement, elegance and respect for tradition.

A good wine is the most truthful expression of the territory where it is produced, but also the fruit of the work of the men who make it and of the environment where it is processed. To make a good wine, respect for Nature is the first, essential requirement' Mario Schiopetto