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Cambridge Road

Lance Redgewell has viticultural and winemaking experience that spans Beaux Freres in Oregon, Piper's Brook in Tasmania, and Neudorf in Nelson. After studying biodynamic farming in 2003, he was mentored by James Millton in Gisborne, learning more about its practical application to viticulture. Obsessed by the desire to make world class Pinot Noir, he purchased one of Martinborough's oldest vineyards, the Fraser Block, planted in 1986 to a range of Pinot Noir clones and Syrah. He works the 2+ hectare block organically with biodynamic influences spending all his time among the vines, in an attempt to understand each separate plot in the vineyard with intimacy. Lance is rare among New World wine producers because he is a vigneron who makes wine, first and foremost, rather than a winemaker. He crops his old vines with the same yields as Grand Cru Burgundy and employs artisanal winemaking techniques more traditional in Europe, favouring mimimal interference winemaking with low sulphur and no interference. The result of Lance's philosophy and practices in the vineyard and cellar is a sophisticated range of elegant, savoury and richly textured red wines that are more at home in line-ups of French benchmarks than their own countrymen. Cambridge Road is definitely a next generation New Zealand producer to watch very closely.