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Exclusive owners and producers of the famed Bricco Boschis cru, Cavallotto is situated in the heart of Barolo’s Castiglione Falletto commune. From here the Cavallotto family crafts a set of wines that are as traditional as they are delicious. Castiglione Falletto’s sandy/calcareous clays combine with the Cavallotto’s meticulous viticulture and low yields to produce wines that offer bewitching depth and texture as well as the classical structure that plucks away at the heartstrings of Barolo devotees.

While the showpiece of the family’s vineyards is the monopole Bricco Boschis, there is also the adjoining Vignolo cru that also produces outstanding Barolo. Nonetheless, the majority of the Estate’s bottlings come from the majestic Bricco Boschis, at the foot of which can be found both the family home and cantina. Facing south/southeast, this sun-drenched hill has long been considered one of Barolo’s blue-ribbon vineyards. The planted area is 8.8ha yet because of variation in soil composition, elevation and aspect, the Cavallottos divide the site into three subzones: Vigne Colle Sud-Ovest, Punta Marcello and Vigna San Giuseppe. The last of these is also bottled as a single cru Riserva. The densely planted old vines grow here at an altitude of 300-360m and the soils, a patchwork of yellow, white and grey calcareous clays, interwoven with sand and sandstone, are as varied as the vineyard’s many exposures. 


“Cavallotto may very well be the greatest Barolo producer few people have ever heard of, something that continues to mystify me. Truth is, it isn’t just the Barolos here that are impressive, the entry-level wines are every bit as delicious and well-priced … Readers who appreciate a firm, classic style of Barolo will want to spend some time getting to know Cavallotto.” Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

“The Fratelli Cavallotto estate in Castiglione Falletto has been turning out some of the purest expressions of Nebbiolo ever since brothers Olivio and Guido Cavallotto began bottling their own Barolos from their spectacular Bricco Boschis vineyards back in 1948.” Kerin O’Keefe, The World Of Fine Wine, Issue 24