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Domaine Bernard Defaix

Bernard Defaix, fourth generation of a family of vine-growers, started in 1959 with 2 hectares. At about this time, the first techniques for protecting vineyards from spring frosts were discovered.

Over the years, Bernard and his wife Monique have acquired new land. Their efforts duly enriched the domain, which now included some of the best named places of the Chablis region.

Today, true to the family tradition, the domain is run by Sylvain and Didier. Bernard nevertheless continues to provide his expert advice to his two sons.


“Brilliant winemaking, brilliant wines.” 3 Star Rating (the highest rating awarded to only 9 Chablis producers) 
A Guide To The Wines of Chablis, Austen Biss (UK)
“I agree with Defaix’ (positive) take on the 2009 vintage, at least for his wines as they are among the very best in the region. His ‘08s are also terrific and while I’ve noted this before, it bears repeating. The quality of the Defaix wines now puts the domaine among the top 10 in Chablis.” 
Allen Meadows, Burghound, Issue 40.