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Domaine de la Vougeraie

Pascal Marchand, régisseur for Domaine de la Vougeraie, reported some of the lowest yields of anyone in the Côte de Nuits at between 25 and 30 hl/ha and sugars of 12 to 12.5% (chaptalized to 13%). "It was a very difficult harvest because we discarded, in some cases, up to 25% of the crop, mostly due to under ripe fruit". Marchand compares 2001 to 1995 but notes that there is less austerity. "We tried very hard to extract only ripe tannins and took great care to avoid any greenness because of the relatively cool September, which contributed to the high amounts of malic acid and subsequent extended malos. I believe that we largely succeeded in extracting only the ripe tannins though we may decide to fine a few of the wines". The wines were in the process of being racked at the time of my visit to prepare them for the mise that was due to begin in December; the wines will not be filtered according to Marchand. (Martin Scott Wines, Lake Success, New York; Country Vintners, Washington, D.C.; Lion Imports, California; Martenetti Wines, Boston, Massachusetts).
The improvements that have been made in 3 short years is nothing short of remarkable (see details of the formation of the Domaine in Issue 1) and 2001 is clearly the best vintage yet due to improvements in the vineyards. Marchand thinks that it will take 5 years before the vineyards are completely adapted to the various changes that have been instituted but professes himself to be "cautiously pleased" at the progress realized to date.