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Domaine Laroche

The Domain
Michel Laroche who represents the 5th generation, joined the family Domaine in 1967 to continue the tradition and follow his ancestors work.
Since the end of the sixties to the present day the Domaine Laroche has developed from 6 hectares to a staggering 100 hectares of vineyards.
The Region
The quality of the soil from the kimmeridgian geological layer contains just the right amount of clay to bring the mineral character, and the substratum clay to preserve enough water and finally, a good orientation towards to the sun in a region that seldom suffers from excess heat. All the right conditions are met for the production of great Chardonnay.
Springtime frost, less fre- quent nowadays with the climate change, nevertheless remains a constant risk that conditions the viticulture. Thus the pruning takes place twice, in order to prevent early budburst that would expose them to an April frost.
Chardonnay is a vigorous variety that requires a good fruit quantity control. We proceed with a systematic de-budding in order to space the branches, ventilate the grapes and control their quantity. This work will be completed, if necessary, by a “green harvest” if the quantity of grapes is too high.
The harvest is carried out at optimum maturity with a careful eye to avoid excess, in order to preserve the freshness of the flavours of Chardonnay. The low pressure pneumatic wine presses respect the quality of the grape; the juice is usually cleared between 12 and 24 hours in order to separate the largest particles that may harm the wine’s delicacy.
Fermentation is usually carried out in stainless steel tank at 15ºC to 18ºC, but for the Premier’s and Grand Cru’s, they are partly carried out in 225 litre barrels, to give them a delicate oaking and additional oxygen.