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Laherte Freres

The Laherte estate was founded in 1889 by Jean-Baptiste Laherte. At this time, most of the vines were situated in a village known as Chavost.

The fourth generation, that of Michel Laherte, expanded the family estate which was then covering about 5 hectares. He got married to Cécile Tissier whose family was living in Courcourt. Born into an 8-child-family, Cécile quickly got used to working in the vineyard and managed to combine her work as a dynamic vinegrower with the education of her two children, Christian and Thierry.

The two young vinegrowers greatly expanded the Laherte estate by modernizing the press and the tanks and implementing new techniques, thus making the most of the vineyard. Thierry quickly realized that too much modernity was detrimental to the Terroir’s expression – wines were not expressing themselves properly. After all, what is the point of using herbicides, pesticides, and huge stainless steel tanks?

Being a vinegrower does not mean producing grapes as easily as possible. It also means cultivating the soils, smoothly vinifying the juices, remaining humble and patient, and letting each grape variety express itself in the wine.