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Magpie Estate

Magpie Estate is a partnership between good mates UK wine impresario Noel Young and respected Barossa Valley winemaker Rolf Binder. Conceived in the early 1990's, when Grenache and Mourvedre were largely forgotten varieties, the two Rhône-philes have adopted that great larrikin of the Australian sky - the magpie - as their mascot for the appropriately named Magpie Estate. Driven by the desire to highlight the Barossa Valley's rich resources of Rhône Valley varieties and to have a laugh or two along the way, Magpie Estate claims Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre (and occasionally friends) as its own, producing a range of superbly crafted blends and varietals that collectively represent the many personalities and expressions of these three noble varieties in the Barossa Valley. Stylistically the emphasis is on more medium-bodied with savoury complexity and a strong spice accent.