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Rene Mure

The Rene Muré range is made up of two distinct categories – one is the very accessible varietals of the Côte-de-Rouffach and the other is the extraordinary Grand Cru varietals of their monopole Clos Saint Landelin.

The Côte-de-Rouffach wines are typified by their delicacy, freshness and varietal flavors. These are ideally consumed whilst young and lively.

The Clos St Landelin Grand Cru, is one of the great viticultural sites for the expressiveness and exotic power of Alsace’s noble varieties. This monopole of the Domaine is farmed bio-dynamically allowing the vineyard to produce grapes which are concentrated and rich with beautifully mineral acidities.

The subsoil is made of calcareous sandstone from the Bajocien and calcareous conglomerates from the Oligocene which combine with the region’s naturally long ripening season and the south-facing slope to produce exquisite wines. The wines from the Clos Saint Landelin can be consumed early or over ten to twenty years.

Muré wines are fine and rich with beautifully mineral acidities. This is achieved in the vineyard where Alsace’s naturally long ripening season is enhanced by Muré’s exceptional south-facing slopes.  These are delightful and exciting wines, abundant in flavour, opulence and lacy acidity.

The sensational Grand Cru Muré Monopole the Clos St Landelin is one of the great viticultural sites for the expressiveness and power of Alsace’s most noble varieties and is farmed bio-dynamically; the Clos St Landelin Grand Cru’s are absolutely gorgeous showing mouth filling concentration with mineral finesse!