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Rocca di Montegrossi

Located at Monti in Chianti (Gaiole), considered one of the region’s grand crus, Rocca di Montegrossi is named after the historic fortress (La Rocca) built by Marco’s ancestor, Geremia, during the Longobard period (600-800 AD). Marco is part of the Ricasoli family that wrote the
story of Chianti Classico, creating the formula for the wine we know today at the site of what is
now his San Marcellino vineyard. The soil here is incredibly rocky, forcing the roots deep and resulting in naturally low yields. Marco farms organically and has built his own large cisterns to gather rainwater, along with using biofuel for machinery. The wines here display great concentration, with rich velvety fruit and an underlying freshness and finesse that rewards cellaring. Grapes for the Vin Santo, made from Malvasia with a little Canaiolo Nero, are dried for three months using a unique custom netting system. Aged in small barrels of mixed woods (oak, mulberry and cherry) for six years, the concentration, richness and balance is extraordinary. Definitely NOT a Vin Santo to dunk your biscotti in!