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There are no compromises for Tapanappa in achieving from the vineyard, the “the best and purest expressions of these terroirs and their unique varietal synergies”

In the winery these costly and precious grapes are sensitively handled to allow the maximum opportunity for the “unique and natural terroir expression” of each of the sites without the masking influence of interferance winemaking.
Tapanappa can claim that its Wines of Terroir “are pure reflections of their terroirs” and that the three chosen sites are “unique and distinguished terroirs”.

Tapanappa’s Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay is drawn from four “distinguished sites” pioneered by the Croser family, which have been planted over the past 30 years in this very cool terroir ideally suited to Chardonnay.

Tapanappa’s Joanna Wrattonbully Cabernet-Shiraz is derived from the pioneering vineyards on the unique red clay loam over the 34 million years old limestone at the Joanna cross roads in a climate ideally suited to this traditional Australian blend.

Tapanappa’s Parawa Fleurieu Peninsula Pinot Noir is grown in the isolated Foggy Hill vineyard at the apex of the Fleurieu Peninsula, in a very cool and humid climate moderated by the Great Southern Ocean 8 kilometres to the South, providing a natural terroir for Pinot Noir.
Tapanappa has pioneered these three new cool climate sub regions of South Australia in the 30-year search for the best terroir, geology, soil and climate match-up for Chardonnay, Cabernet and Shiraz and Pinot Noir.
Having found these distinguished sites, Tapanappa has planted the vineyards on close spacing, employing intensive manual management and low crops typical of the best vineyards of the old world.