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Telmo Rodriguez

The philosophy behind the Telmo Rodriguez company has always been to use native Spanish varieties (when the planting of foreign varieties has been the norm in almost every Spanish wine region), and where possible to recover and renovate abandoned or forgotten vineyards.
This is how the Molino Real 'mountain wine' project in Malaga emerged. It was the history and endangered status of this southern Spanish wine treasure that drove Telmo and Pablo to recreate 'mountain wine'.

Telmo Rodriguez is a passionate opponent of the internationalisation of Spanish vineyards, and is dedicated to a way forward for Spain which combines indigenous varieties with superior viticulture and winemaking. He and his wine-making and viticulturist partner, Pablo Eguzkiza, created 'Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez' with the aim of selecting outstanding vineyards to produce the best regionally typical varieties.
The company's work in Rioja is based on the search for the soul of the region, returning to the villages where a few special plots express themselves in a single wine.