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Vinea Marson

This vineyard belongs to experienced winemaker Mario Marson, who perhaps is not so well known, however was a winemaker at Mount Mary for 15 years and also more recently at Jasper Hill. His vineyard is on the Eastern slopes of the Camel Ranges in Heathcote on Cambrian soils.

The best vignerons have always believed that “Great wines are made in the vineyard.” This is the philosophy embraced at Vinea Marson.
The warm climate, volcanic Cambrian soil and hill terrain of the Range are ideally suited to the growing of the Rhone varieties, Syrah and Viognier. Mario believed that the traditional Italian varieties, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera, would also thrive in this area. 
In planting the vineyard, careful consideration was given to the vineyard orientation and to the selection of the varietal clones. The best available clones of the Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera varieties have been planted to evaluate their performance. The Syrah wine is made from a mixture of different shiraz and viognier clones. This is one of the key factors that influences the production of premium quality fruit. Other factors that contribute to this quality include the growth habitat of the grapevines, the balance between shoot growth and the volume of fruit grown and the discrete use of irrigation.
The winemaker takes these factors into account in determining the wine style to be produced. The balance of flavour, sugar, acid and tannins are critical to final quality.
Once the grapes are harvested the winemaker enhances their quality by using different techniques. These include the type of fermentation, the selection of yeast and bacteria, the percentage of new French oak used, the length of cask maturation and the type of fining agent and filtration used.
Balanced wines are the outcome of the winemaker’s attention to detail in the vineyard and the cellar. These wines are made to complement a variety of foods and flavours.